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Cookies and Your Data

User privacy is very important to us, and we endeavour to provide users with information about the cookies that we use on our websites in order to make our websites work better and provide a more enjoyable user experience.

We aim to provide the visitors to our website with up-to-date and relevant information at all times. By knowing what content visitors are interested in and what they are looking for, we can offer the right content. The information and data obtained will be carefully protected and used solely for the purpose of providing the online service, analyzing its use, and providing functionalities that we would not be able to provide without cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are saved by most websites onto the devices with which users access the internet. The saving of cookies is fully controlled by users, as they can restrict or disable the saving of cookies in the browser that they use. Cookies are not harmful and are always time-limited.

Why are cookies necessary?

Cookies are used by most websites because they provide us, the website operators, with a convenient way to keep content fresh and relevant to the interests and preferences of our online users. Based on website traffic statistics, we can evaluate the effectiveness of our website content and, through a combination of advertising cookies, also the relevance of the content and advertisements offered to our users on other websites. With the help of cookies, websites remember the preferences, interests, and experience of individuals, thus saving time, and the browsing of websites is made more effective and friendly.

Notice, consent, and cookie settings 

According to the Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-2), we may store cookies on your device if they are essential for the proper functioning of the website. For all other types of cookies, we need your permission. 

The first time that a user visits the website onlinetraining.slovenia.info they will be notified about the use of cookies, which can be changed at any later time at the bottom of this page. By clicking on the ‘Allow all cookies’ button or by clicking on the ‘Allow selected cookies’ button, you give your consent to the use of all types of cookies for the purposes indicated in the notice. If you continue to browse the website without this consent, only the mandatory cookies that are essential for the proper functioning of the website will be placed on your device. 

You can change your consent to a particular type of cookies at any time at the bottom of this page.

What do we use cookies and your data for?

We use Google Analytics and Google Ads. More information on how Google's services process your data is available at Business Data Responsibility (safety.google).

We use cookies and process your personal data for the purposes described below. Essential cookies will always be set as they enable the correct display of the website and allow essential features to function properly (cookie settings, login, registration etc.).

By changing the settings you are allowing or denying the use of cookies and processing of your personal data for each of the specified purposes: